A psychic reading is a perfect way to receive clarity in your life, to get answers to nagging questions and to see what the future has to offer. Our readers use a variety of tools including Tarot cards, Runes, Ogham, Oracle, Lenormand, and natural psychic ability to provide inspiration to move forward with your goals.

30-minute sessions are best for a deep dive into a single topic or question, while 45 and 60-minute sessions allow time for looking into multiple subjects.


A couples reading allows romantic couples to explore deep emotional topics in an inspirational and positive way. By having both partners in the reading, the reader can focus on all sides of the relationship, providing insight and clarity to inspire and focus the couple into moving forward in the healthiest and happiest way.

All romantic relationships are welcome, we are of course LGBTQ+ inclusive. For platonic, family, and other non-romantic relationships, we suggest a synastry astrology couples reading.


For students looking for a customized and individual approach to learning, Detroit Tarot Company offers private mentorship sessions in a variety of topics.


Alexandria offers mentorship in building intuition, reading tarot, druidry, rune casting, and other topics upon request.


Detroit Tarot Company provides in-depth learning opportunities in a variety of topics. Our instructors are leaders in their fields and have crafted courses to be easy to follow and filled with incredible insight. We offer courses for beginners as well as the experienced professional.

Take a look at the current available classes on our Classes page.


Detroit Tarot Company offers a full range of event services including party psychics, home blessings, group mediums and more. Visit the Event Services and Celebrant pages for more information.


For the safety, comfort, and convenience of our clients, we offer nearly all of our services virtually in addition to on-site. Virtual readings, classes, mentorship, and even events are available using Zoom upon request. For virtual private readings, book here. For virtual events, reach out to us and we are happy to create a custom proposal for you.

The Stars




A natal chart is a snapshot of the sky at the moment you were born.  Your natal chart gives clues to your major life lessons, shows your destiny, reveals your personality traits and hidden desires, as well as points the way to your soul’s purpose.


  • 30 minutes provides a basic skeleton of your chart, and includes an explanation of your houses and signs.

  •  45 minutes provides a basic explanation of the full chart, including your houses and signs, angular identification, elements, planets, almutens, aspects, and patterns.

  • 60 minutes provides a detailed explanation of the full chart, exploring specifics and details beyond what is covered in the 45-minute sessions.


You will also be able to take home your complete printed chart.


Understanding the patterns in your birth chart are key to witnessing the potential of your soul’s purpose in this lifetime. Thanks to a few brilliant minds calculating midpoints, electromagnetic fields, solar arcs and other astronomical occurrences, a branch of astrology was perfected to clarify the soul’s potential and natal promise.


Uranian Astrology utilizes a dial system, projecting planetary points in a multi-dimensional way to shed light on harmonic planetary patterns. Additionally, cosmic energy points are calculated to identify eight Trans-Neptunian bodies to continue exploring the birth chart and illuminating the personality. Extremely descriptive, clarified information is available to you when experiencing an astrological reading through Uranian Astrology. We’ll begin with a traditional wheel and brief explanation of “the terrain” before diving into your dial and beginning to unearth the hidden messages available to you from the cosmos.


Synastry in astrology is the study of two peoples’ birth charts in order to assess their long-term compatibility. Synastry readings can be used to explore long-term compatibility within romantic relationships as well as platonic and business relationships.


When you have a specific question to bring to an astrologer, horary is the perfect tradition to turn towards. Together we will explore your query, being sure to expose the core of your question. Once we are on the same page, we will consider the exact time with which to cast your chart. “Will my business thrive?” “Where are my car keys?” “Where should I go to college?” “When should we get married?” These and many other queries can be explored with the use of this traditional astrological modality. These results can range from a quick yes/no answer, to a very nuanced and detailed presentation of factors involved. Careful attention is given to the moon, nodes, houses and divination techniques.