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Born with an increased intuitive awareness, Alexandria has been a practicing psychic since 1999. With a background in psychology, she has always sought a spiritual and inspirational way to help people find the answers they were looking for. She now uses her connection with nature as well as Tarot, Runes, Ogham, and other methods combined with her natural intuitive and psychic abilities to answer questions, improve clarity, and provide guidance. 


Andrea is a practical intuitive reader, and comes from a family of intuitive professionals. She uses Tarot and Lenormand combined with her natural intuitive gifts to deliver accurate and powerful readings that touch the heart and inspire growth in spirituality, relationships, and career goals. Andrea's unique down-to-earth reading style puts clients at ease and allows inspiration and intuition to flow freely throughout every reading.


Ginny Dodge has been a dedicated astrology student since 2001, after reading a news article about predictive astrologer Robert Zoller. Using astrology as a divination tool, her work balances predestined pathways of the cosmos with our potential through free will.

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