Meet the Readers

See which of our readers will be the best fit for your intuitive psychic needs. 



Druidry, Tarot, Psychic,

Ogham, Runes

Born with an increased intuitive awareness, Alexandria has been a practicing psychic since 1999. With a background in psychology, she has always sought a spiritual and inspirational way to help people find the answers they were looking for. 



Mediumship, Psychic, Tarot,


Janis is a Psychic Medium, Intuitive Counselor, and Reiki Master Teacher. It is her life’s mission to be of service to others by providing insight, intuition and answers.



Uranian, & Horary Astrology, Tarot, Intuitive

Enjoying a vast study of Hellenistic and Renaissance astrology, Ginny now utilizes the Uranian School of Astrology alongside traditional methods to further enhance readings through harmonic patterns and precise mathematical calculations.



Mediumship, Tarot, Intuitive,


Anna is a warm and compassionate reader who enjoys heart to heart conversations. She has a strong connection with Spirit and incorporates mediumship and psychic gifts into her readings.



Tarot, Intuitive, Psychic

An intuitive reader who guides her clients visually through Tarot cards. Fiona uses her abilities to assist others in ways of life and spirituality.



Mediumship, Tarot,

Dream Interpretation

Author, teacher, and guide, Nikki has shared her intuitive gifts her entire life. She’s an experienced reader known for an approachable, conversational style that puts new and return clients at ease.


Jennifer B

Tarot, Intuitive, Psychic

Jennifer is an intuitive tarot reader who channels guidance from Elemental and Angelic realms. She connects with Fae energy to read for the highest and greatest good of all. 

Zoey Asch.JPEG


Tarot, Intuitive, Psychic

Zoey is a psychic intuitive advisor with a background in behavioral studies, family law and visual art. She pairs her awareness with grounded practical guidance to help clients find peace, understanding, and motivation.


Jennifer R

Tarot, Intuitive, Psychic

Jennifer R. has embraced her natural intuitive abilities and talents to make it her life’s work to help others.  As a Reiki healer, Jennifer uses the gift of energy reading, as well as reading and interpreting Tarot and Oracle cards.