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Introduction to Tarot

This is a 5-week series where anyone who is interested in Tarot can learn. We will touch on history, discussing where and when Tarot was created and how it evolved to its modern use. We will discuss how to find the deck that best suits each student, and how to connect to that deck. We will discuss each card in depth and learn its meaning, as well as how it correlates to the other cards. Finally, we will learn how to use the Tarot for divination, discussing spreads and how to use your intuition while reading the cards.

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Learning Lenormand - Level 1

Very different from the Tarot, the
Lenormand is known for its specific and accurate information, as well as its
straightforward ease-of-use. This class covers the history of the Lenormand Deck, Meanings & key words for each of the 36 cards, the basic building blocks of card combinations, and several foundational spreads to empower your readings!

This workshop is taught by none other than Janis Garan, Professional Tarot & Lenormand Reader.

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Introduction to Astrology

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Introduction to Druidry

This 4-week series will give students a basic outline of the fundamentals of druidry and its importance in the world today. The class will discuss its history with prominent tales and symbols, and discuss what it means to be a druid. Students will learn about the Wheel of the Year, the importance of elements and spirit animals, rituals, and be given all the information necessary to embark on their own druidic journey if they so desire.

Advanced Tarot: Creating a Story

This class will guide a reader through the steps of creating a flow within a reading. The way a reading unfolds can be as important and impactful as the key points in that story. We will discuss how to organize thoughts, maintain excitement and anticipation for the client, and we will break down simple methods to determine several key points and weave them into a single reading. This freeform style can give a completely different perspective, and allow your intuition to shine without restriction.

Learning the Elder Futhark Runes

A 4-week series to introduce the depth and power of Runes and Rune Casting. We will learn the history and importance of runes to the Norse people, and how one of the world’s oldest written languages came to exist. We will guide students on the materials and rituals of creating one’s own set of runes. We will also learn the pronunciations and meanings of the entire Elder Futhark rune set, and explore how to use this knowledge to create detailed and impactful readings from rune casting.

Intuitive Psychic Readings

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