Expand your metaphysical knowledge with our wide variety of classes!


Discovering Your Gifts

Monday, 5/2 6-8pm

Tarot 2: Intermediate Tarot Series

Tuesday, 5/3, 5/10, 5/17 & 5/25


Signs, Angels and Numerology

Monday, 5/9 6-8pm

Manifest Your Future! A hands-on vision board experience

Monday, 5/16 & 5/23 6-8pm

Intuition and the Claires

Tuesday, 5/31


Class Schedule


Tarot 3: Your Journey
Monday, 6/6 6-8pm

Intuition Development Series

Tuesday, 6/7, 6/14, 6/21 & 6/28


​Tarot 3: Tarot & Numerology
Monday, 6/13 6-8pm

Reiki Level II Certification

Sunday, 6/26 5-9pm

Working With Dreams

Monday, 6/20 6-8pm

Mediumship Development

Monday, 6/27 6-8pm


Introduction to Druidry
Tuesdays 7/5, 7/12, 7/19, 7/26,


 Envisioning, Intentions, & Manifestation
Monday, 7/11, 6-8pm

Intro to Witchcraft: Baby Witch Spellcasting
Monday, 7/18, 6-8pm

Learn to Read Oracle Cards
Monday, 7/25, 6-8pm



Tarot Series

Tarot 1: Beginner

Think you can’t read the tarot? Think again! This fun and interactive 4-week series will have you reading the cards in no time!

Topics include: Tarot history, structure and correspondences, as well as an in-depth exploration into card meanings. We’ll discuss the Fool’s Journey, “Who’s Who in the tarot” and practice reading techniques in a supportive and guided setting for personal discovery.

Tarot 2: Intermediate

A well-constructed layout is the framework for a successful Tarot practice and critical for clear insight. In this 4-week series we will take your Tarot knowledge to the next level by getting into the “nuts and bolts” of card arrangement. ​

Tarot foundation spreads, an in-depth look at the Celtic Cross, and how to create custom Tarot arrays. This is a fun, hands-on class, so come prepared to ask questions and get answers

Tarot 3: Advanced

Have you completed Tarot 1 and Tarot 2 and looking to put the finishing touches on your skills? Advanced Tarot might be the next step in your tarot journey. Each set of Advanced Tarot classes is unique, pick and choose which advanced class you wish to take. Advanced classes include topics such as Becoming a Professional, Birth Cards and Creating a Story with Tarot.

Awaken, open up, and develop your intuition and spiritual connection. Learn how to connect, receive, and apply your guidance and messages.
Purple, blue and green fluorite

Introduction to Human Energy, Auras and Chakras

What is an aura? How does it work and connect with our bodies? What are chakras? Discover and explore your energy field, aura and chakra. Learn to see and feel energy, and balancing your field.

Rare purple labradorite

Signs and messages are all around us, all the time. We often do not recognize the many ways spirit, guides and angels (even our ancestors!) attempt to give us support, guidance an information. In this class we’ll explore how these messages come through, learn to trust our own intuition, and how to ask questions and receive answers!

Discovering your Gifts

Beautiful blue labradorite

Working with Dreams

We all dream, and many of us have dreams that seem to stand out and capture our attention. Do these dreams have meaning? Yes! And these messages can have significant impact on our lives. Come learn about sleep patterns, dreams, and how to find the meaning hiding in your sleep-time experiences. Feel free to bring a dream to work on with my guidance!

lucky green aventurine tumbled crystals

We all have intuition and the ability to connect and communicate with spirit. This class explores the various ways information comes to us and how to recognize your unique communication language. In this class we will explore techniques and practice receiving messages and guidance.

Intuition & the Claires

Mini amethyst crystal spheres

Learn to Read Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are a fun and easy way to gain a great deal of information, guidance, insight and inspiration. But how do you get started? Which deck should you choose? This interactive class explores Oracle Cards in depth, including what they are, how they work, choosing your deck, and how to use them.

Rough amethyst crystal points

Pendulums are ancient dowsing tools that help you find the answers you seek as well as provide insights to hidden information. Crystal Grids are a beautiful way to energize your intention setting as you manifest your dreams. This fun and interactive class explores both tools in depth, including what they are, how they work, and guided step on how to use each.

Pendulums and Crystal Grids

Green amethyst rough points, rare

Exploring Mediumship

It may seem that only a few people are gifted with the ability to communicate with our loved ones in spirit, but this is actually an ability we all possess! This class explores the basics of Mediumship – what it is, guidelines and myths, and how to start exercising your mediumship muscles.

rough purple amethyst crystla, bahia points

What does it mean to create your reality? How do we manifest the life of our dreams? Learn to use envisioning, intentions, and affirmations to transform your life.

Envisioning, Intentions, & Manifestation