Classes and Workshops


Tarot: Level One

Think you can’t read the tarot? Think again! This fun and interactive class will have you reading the cards in no time!


Topics include: Tarot history, structure and correspondences, as well as an in-depth exploration into card meanings. We’ll discuss the Fool’s Journey, “Who’s Who in the tarot” and practice reading techniques in a supportive and guided setting for personal discovery.


Ready to ROCK the Tarot? Yes you can!

May 2021 Series now booking!

Tuesdays in May from 6-8pm

starts May 4th.

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Tarot 2: Intermediate

Learn spreads and layouts with Janis Garan! A well-constructed layout is the framework for a successful Tarot practice and critical for clear insight. In this class series we will take your Tarot knowledge to the next level by getting into the “nuts and bolts” of card arrangement. Topics include: Tarot foundation spreads, an in-depth look at the Celtic Cross, and how to create custom Tarot arrays. In week 4, Alexandria will teach telling a complete story with Tarot, to give your readings the polish and rhythm of a professional. This is a fun, hands-on class, so come prepared to ask questions and get answers!

Class will be held on four consecutive Tuesdays from 6-8pm.

Cost $150 per person, includes all 4 weeks

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Crystal Knowledge 

Are you an empath? Learn about protective and empathic stones and crystals! In this class, we will discuss how to protect your energy with stones, as well as how to enhance compassion and empathy.

April class now booking! 

Class will be April 19, 6-8pm.

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Introduction to Druidry

This 4-week series will give students a basic outline of the fundamentals of druidry and its importance in the world today. The class will discuss its history with prominent tales and symbols, and discuss what it means to be a druid. Students will learn about the Wheel of the Year, the importance of elements and spirit animals, rituals, and be given all the information necessary to embark on their own druidic journey if they so desire.

Advanced Tarot: Creating a Story

This class will guide a reader through the steps of creating a flow within a reading. The way a reading unfolds can be as important and impactful as the key points in that story. We will discuss how to organize thoughts, maintain excitement and anticipation for the client, and we will break down simple methods to determine several key points and weave them into a single reading. This freeform style can give a completely different perspective, and allow your intuition to shine without restriction.

Learning the Elder Futhark Runes

A 4-week series to introduce the depth and power of Runes and Rune Casting. We will learn the history and importance of runes to the Norse people, and how one of the world’s oldest written languages came to exist. We will guide students on the materials and rituals of creating one’s own set of runes. We will also learn the pronunciations and meanings of the entire Elder Futhark rune set, and explore how to use this knowledge to create detailed and impactful readings from rune casting.