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Aura Photography

Aura photography is a visual representation of auras onto a portrait photograph. An aura portrait shows the auras surrounding the subject in a variety of colors based on their energy, which can be interpreted based on where each color appears on the portrait.


Readings are a way to you to explore the different paths ahead of you. To help gain insight while going through major life transitions. Readings can help you understand more about yourself, your fears, passions and quirks. Every reading is unique to each client and reader.

Special Services

Go beyond the typical physic tarot or mediumship reading session with more personalized and one of a kind services with our talented readers.


Expand your metaphysical knowledge with our wide variety of classes taught by our expert readers. Awaken, open up, and develop your intuition and spiritual connection. Learn how to connect, receive, and apply your guidance and messages and so much more!


Detroit Tarot Company first began as an event company in 1999
and is now one of the oldest in the state of Michigan. We provide only the most experienced, accurate, and professional readers available, ensuring an authentic and inspiring experience.